CCI Anesthesia

CCI Anesthesia

Pensacola, Florida, United States Pensacola, Florida, United States

Company Information

Clinical Culture at CCI

Promoting a culture of openness and transparency is paramount to our success in assembling winning teams. We respect the value that CRNAs and anesthesiologists bring to the healthcare sector and empower our providers to work independently. Our providers are our partners in ensuring that our anesthesia practices are efficient and patient-focused in each of the communities we serve. We are committed to promoting safe, respectful and productive work environments for our anesthesia teams and believe in offering the most competitive compensation possible. These aspects of our culture make CCI Anesthesia an ideal fit for experienced and high-performing anesthesia providers.

About CCI Anesthesia

Since 2004, CCI Anesthesia has remained a privately-owned group with no venture capital investors pressing for wider margins, which means we are better positioned to generously compensate our providers. Our track record and low turnover rates prove we take excellent care of our anesthesiologists and nurse anesthetists.

Members of our team can expect:
  • Clinical autonomy in your practice of anesthesia care
  • Competitive, above-market compensation as an independent contractor
  • Ample time away from practice
  • A feeling of respect and a culture of transparency
  • Professional and timely administrative support
  • Leadership and mentoring from our experienced Regional Medical Officers, Regional Clinical Officers and Chiefs of Anesthesia
  • Advancement opportunities in hospital practice leadership

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