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Pure Home Health Care

Pure Home Health Care

Pure Home Health Care is a five-star rated Western Michigan based Home Health Care company, where compassion and quality of care are the motivations behind everything we do.

When you hold yourself accountable to your patients, their families, and your coworkers, doing the right thing becomes second nature. At PHHC, we believe that accountability is at the heart of both personal integrity and professional development. Our team treats every patient and their family with dignity and compassion, regardless of race, religion, political belief, economic, or social condition. Our goal is always to promote the best possible physical and mental wellness, and to make the families we serve feel like part of our family.  
Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States

Company Information

Pure Home Health Care strives to provide comprehensive, compassionate health care to people in their residences, with the goal of improving overall health, preventing illnesses, and mitigating the effects of disabilities. Working within our community and alongside other community leaders, we will continue to implement community programs that make our mission a reality.

Our mission is to recognize the inherent value of everyone we serve, and honor them with the highest possible level of personal service and professional skill.

We will always lean on a team approach to delivering our services, bringing a variety of nurses and therapists together to create and implement a customized care plan that takes into account a patient’s emotional and physical needs. Each day we rededicate ourselves to improving our quality of care through learning more about both our profession and our patients.

Company History

The story of Pure Home Health Care began when two compassionate individuals took the decision to combine their world experiences with the medical expertise of a few specialists to form a home health care agency that was dedicated to excellence in providing compassionate care. The home health care for the people, by the people - we like to call ourselves a company with a Heart!

Run by a dedicated team of professionals with years of experience, we aim to provide unmatched-at-home services with excellent results & recovery for your loved ones or you. Our network of therapists, nurses, attendants, and caregivers are among the best in the world. Our expertise lies in using a mix of the latest technologies, compassion, vast experience and in-depth knowledge to find the right care program for our clients.

Pure Home Health Care’s first employee, who we fondly like to call our "founding nurse", is an RN, BSN, and MHA with 30 years of experience in Home Health Care. She had twenty plus years of experience in Directorial and Managerial level capacities when she joined us. Additionally, she brought along her wound care and mental health care expertise. Needless to say, having her on board gave Pure Home Health Care a head start and we were soon on the road to a successful tenure in the field of home health care. Our "founding nurse" has since retired, but not before passing on the baton to an equally impressive personality and all-around health care provider, who is now Pure Home Health Care’s Director of Nursing and Administrator. She brings with her 30+ years as an RN of which 20 years have been in HHC Management. Her expertise is in IV therapy, Orthopedics, wound care, and is certified in both ICD 10 coding and OASIS review. Her passion is to provide high-quality compassionate care for patients in our communities.

PHHC has elevated expectations for West Michigan residents receiving in-home care. Our reputation as a caring, competent, and compassionate provider of nursing and rehabilitation services is a testament to the skilled nurses and care providers we confidently send into our clients’ homes on a daily basis. Our success will continue to be the result of ethically and graciously serving those in need of assistance, and always being willing to go above and beyond to make each person more comfortable.

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