Join Parachute

Join Parachute

Powered by technology and compassionate design, Parachute is reimagining the plasma donation experience into one that is easy, friendly, and convenient. Using a simple app, our members can book donations and track earnings from the palm of their hand. In using a tech-forward approach, we’re able to offer each member a highly personable and best-in-class experience that’s consistent at each and every visit.

We're on a mission to help the world gain access to more plasma. There simply is not enough plasma for everyone who needs it and we want to change that - one donation at a time. Come join our (fast-growing) team of go-getters, creators, and innovators. We're a smart, curious, and kind bunch committed to doing good in the world.  
Austin, Texas, United States Austin, Texas, United States

Company Information

Join Parachute Headquarters
811 Barton Springs Rd. Suite 511
Austin, Texas 78704

Company History

Join Parachute was founded 2019 by Josh Grosbard President and Luke Winter Vice President of Systems.