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RN Interventional Radiology ($47,268 for 13 weeks)

$85.00 – $101.00 hourly


Last Updated: 8/17/22

Job Description

RN Interventional Radiology

Pay Breakdown

Regular pay for 36 hours = 36 x $61 = $2196

Travel allowance for 36 hours (40 hours max) = 36 x $40 = $1440

Total weekly pay for 36 hours = $3636

Total Gross for 13 weeks = $3636 x 13 weeks = $47268


Regular pay for 36 hours = 36 x $85 = $3060

Travel allowance for 36 hours (40 hours max) = 36 x $0 = $0

Total weekly pay for 36 hours = $3060

Total Gross for 13 weeks = $3060 x 13 weeks = $39780

Job Duties:

  • Interventional radiologists have a wide range of responsibilities, which can include:
  • Diagnosing and treating patients with conditions such as cardiovascular disease, cancer, or infections by inserting catheters into blood vessels to access the heart, lungs, or other organs
  • Conducting research to develop new interventional radiology techniques for treating disease
  • Performing diagnostic imaging procedures such as X-rays, CT scans, MRIs, ultrasound imaging, bone density scans, and others
  • Preparing patients for procedures using sedatives and anesthetics as needed
  • Interpreting test results and providing diagnosis and treatment options to patients and other healthcare professionals
  • Diagnosing and treating patients with cancer using radiation therapy techniques such as brachytherapy (inserting radioactive seeds into tumors), stereotactic radiosurgery (targeting small areas with high doses of radiation), and radiation therapy (delivered over time in small doses)
  • Performing ultrasound guided biopsies in which a needle is inserted into the body and used to obtain tissue samples for analysis
  • Performing interventional procedures such as angiograms (providing images of blood vessels to diagnose problems), angioplasty (using stents to repair blood vessels that have been narrowed by plaque buildup), stent placements


The Registered Nurse is directly responsible and accountable for the care given to his/her unit assigned patients. He / She communicates with physician about changes in the patient’s clinical condition including cardiac monitoring, results of diagnostic studies and symptomatology. Is able to respond quickly and accurately to changes in condition and/or response to treatment.


  • Recent acute, in-hospital experience preferred
  • Must be able to communicate in English (Speak, Write)
  • Current and valid Nevada RN License.
  • Knowledge of radiology, anatomy and medical terminology required.
  • BLS (AHA) certification required
  • ACLS (AHA) certification required

Company Details

Frisco, Texas, United States
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