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How To Stand Out at Work

How To Stand Out at Work

As of late, in the professional world many employees focus on only the requirements of their job. Some workers make sure to do only the things within their job requirement and not much else. While others will work hard at their job to go above and beyond.

There is a small group of employees, however, who not only work hard at their job but also excel past their job description. If you are looking for the chance to progress within your company, you will have to be a part of the latter group.

So, how can you stand out at work?

Do your job and do it well, you will become known as the person who is qualified in that job. When the time comes for management to promote, they are looking for a leader. Typically, leaders are completely involved in their company. Not only do they need to care about their job but the entire business.

What else are you supposed to do besides your job?

Your job is, of course, your responsibility. However, it is important to also be apart of the company and do what it takes for the company to be prosperous.

Below are eight ways to stand out at work and advance your career.

  1. Always Offer Ideas and Suggestions

Look at your position and if you have any ideas about how it can be done more seamlessly, offer that suggestion. Even if your supervisor doesn’t agree, keep making these suggestions whenever you can. At some point, one of your ideas will get the proper amount of support and you will be able to make a difference. Even the smallest idea can have a large impact.

  1. Do Not Sit Quietly in Meetings

Everyone has been in a meeting where certain people talk and others do not. Try and participate in any way you can. When leadership are in these meetings, they notice who participates and who doesn’t. Strong leaders do not sit quietly in a meeting. If you want to progress your career, you must be present in it.

  1. Always Offer to Help Others

Try and be the “go-to” person – the person that others can count on for help. If you are that person, the right people will start to notice.

Imagine if your company needed to start laying off workers in the future. An employee who is the “go-to” person is significantly less likely to be laid off than an employee who sits quietly and does their job. If they don’t stand out as an indispensable employee, they will become laid off.

Whenever you offer to help others and show your skills, you will stand out as a superb employee-an employee that many companies wouldn’t want to lose.

  1. Be Proactive

Forsee problems that may arise and have ideas on how to fix them. Do not wait for issues to occur and be a “reactive” employee.

Everyone has had those moments where you could do more if you wanted to. When that moment arises, come up with a plan and do it.

  1. Become A Part of The Company

Does your company have a great workplace culture? If it does, that makes it much easier to become apart of your company. Join a committee or another group where you feel you can make a great contribution.

  1. Do Things Without Being Asked

If you see a task that needs to be completed and no one is stepping up, you do it! No matter how small the task is, it’s amazing how few people take action steps.

It’s simple, people who help stand out.

  1. Take The Lead If You Can

Every group needs a leader. Why shouldn’t it be you? Even if it is not you, still participate and contribute at a high level. Provide suggestions and ideas. Respectfully challenge things that do not make sense.

As mentioned, being quiet does not get you notices; it gets you overlooked. Show up to your job everyday as the leader you aspire to be.

  1. Never Badmouth the Company

Speak about your company and complete your tasks as if you are a leader there. If you want to challenge something that does not make sense, ask questions and present new ideas. Going around badmouthing the company or complaining about your position is a disease to your career. It will kill any opportunities to be promoted and could even kill your job.

When working, always be on the lookout for ways to improve the company. Become a key piece to taking your company to the next level.

If you show interest beyond your job and your current position, you will stand out and you could become the next leader in the company.

Want more advice on how to stand out in your career? Check out our career guide services. Along with our social media pages on career advice nearly every day. We are here to help you find your dream job and succeed in your field.

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How To Stand Out at Work

Callie Hill is a graduate of the University of North Carolina Wilmington. She majored in Communication Studies and minored in Nonprofit Management & Leadership. She loves writing, travelling and all things music.