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6 Ways to Celebrate National Nurses Week

Each year, National Nursing Week begins on May 6, and ends on May 12, the birthday of Florence Nightingale, the founder of nursing as a modern profession. During this week, registered nurses across the country will be marked with rallies, public health checks, child immunization activities, lunches, receptions, and organizational events.
The week attracts the attention of nurses by raising awareness among the public, politicians, and governments about the great contribution nurses make to the well-being of their profession.

Here are some ideas and suggestions for nurses on how they can celebrate National Nurse Week:
  1. Decorate
Provide a craft kit for residents so they can make small praise posters to decorate. You can also put nurses’ names on colorful stars to hang up around the facility to show appreciation.
  1. Give a gift
Everyone loves gifts. They don't have to be high-end, just a little something to show that you appreciate their hard work. You can purchase gifts that show appreciation to nurses. It would be even better if every gift could be personalized for every nurse. It can even be funny gifts with the sole purpose of making you laugh or smile. Making a gift is a great way to celebrate National Nurse Day!
  1. Throw a party
The easiest way to show your appreciation is by throwing a Nurse Day party at your hospital or healthcare facility. Be sure to consider all shifts. You can decorate using the Nursing Week theme of the year. This can be organized by specialists/assistants, but it should be organized by the administration and/or physicians. Do it in a casual and fun way by Including food and fun games and activities.

  1. Wear pins with a blue ribbon
In honor of National Nursing Week and Nursing Recognition Day, ANA is encouraging registered nurses to wear the official "RN Pin" badge. A pin can be purchased by calling 1-800-274-4ANA. In addition to wearing the RN badge where applicable, nurses will be encouraged to dress in a uniform that day.
  1. High praise for our profession
On this day, nurses raise awareness of their contributions and recognized the vital role they play in their society or nation. This National Nurse Week is sometimes known as National Nursing Recognition Day. Nurses with the help of this day appreciated the profession of a nurse and sang a song.
We are strong.
We're amazing.
We are irreplaceable.
We are role models.
  1. Join in on Social!
Spread awareness about National Nurse Week and let people know to recognize the importance of nurses. Use social sites like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter and tag your posts with #NationalNurseWeek or #nurseweek so other fellow nurses can see how you celebrate this week. If you click on those hashtags you can see what other nurses are doing as well.

  1. Get Freebies
Many companies offer discounts or free items for nurses in May. Do some research around your area and see what businesses celebrate nurses for the month of May. Last year, Nurse.Org posted a list of freebies to celebrate National Nurse week for 2020. Call and double check with companies before heading to receive your freebie!
Learn about Florence Nightingale's role as a nursing pioneer. May 12, Nightingale's birthday, celebrates the last day of National Nursing Week and International Nursing Day. Florence Nightingale was instrumental in laying the foundations for professional nursing. Many of her actions, practices, and scriptures are still relevant today.
Nightingale was a manager and trainer for nurses during the Crimean War. During this time, she organized to care for wounded soldiers and spearheaded some important achievements that have become a critical part of nursing fundamentals, such as a focus on sanitation and hand washing. Therefore, nursing national day is a great way to celebrate the profession.

Learn more about National Nurse Week here.

6 Ways to Celebrate National Nurses Week
Sonia Ali