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4 Ways The Nursing Profession Will Change In 2019

The healthcare industry is evolving. Staff members in various positions must be content with change. Continuous improvement is for the better of the organization and overall patient care. Nurses need to strive for improved care, and the changes in healthcare can assist in that. This article will highlight four of the ways the nursing profession is changing in 2019.

4 Ways the Nursing Profession will Change in 2019

Technology Advancements

The healthcare industry must engage in technology-based systems that improve patient care. This includes virtual doctor visits, scheduling platforms, electronic charting, and various treatments that have technological advancements. Many of these changes require nurses to be trained in how to use and understand new protocols, devices, and systems.

This excites nurses because it helps bring ease to their profession. Though, some additions to charting can make nurses feel overwhelmed. It can take away from bedside care, but the advances are always striving to bring a delicate balance between patient care and charting.

Robots are Rolling In

Robots are continuing to make advancements in the hospital setting, especially in the operating room. Nurses are afraid robots will take over their jobs, but luckily, that won’t happen. Nursing has many ways that incorporate a human factor that robots will serve as more of a help than a threat in the nursing field this year. For example, robots roll around the hospitals retrieving supplies and running specimens to the lab. This is one advancement most nurses can get behind.

Quality and Safety

This is the year for mandated quality and safety measures throughout the country. The United States government continues to set regulations to improve patient safety and disease prevention while patients are admitted to the hospital. If the quality measure is not satisfied, insurance companies will not receive reimbursement, and therefore,  hospitals will suffer financially.

Nurses must follow government regulations because it protects their licenses and their employers. They also support the rules to assist patients with disease prevention and management.

Challenge to Retain Current Nurses

In 2019, an increase in nursing demand will bring new opportunities. This opens doors for new career changes, which might make it challenging for companies to keep nurses from exploring other career opportunities.

Nurse managers and leaders will focus on nurse satisfaction to retain their current staff. Staffing may get worse before it gets better. The patient population is projected to increase as baby boomers age, which increases the demand for nurses. Nurses will flock to organizations that engage them the most. Achieve engagement by involving nurses in policy changes and departmental projects. Nurses want to feel recognized and will go towards organizations that provide it to them.

Being a nurse in 2019 is going to be an amazing experience. The technological advancements are unlike anything we have seen in healthcare before. Robots are doing the tasks that take up the time nurses could be caring for patients, the regulations are making it so we can care for patients before they are too sick, and companies are going to be making nurses feel appreciated to keep them.

4 Ways The Nursing Profession Will Change In 2019
Janine Kelbach

Janine Kelbach, RNC-OB is a freelance writer and owner of WriteRN.net.